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The Traditional Martial Art

Mr. Porco began his martial arts journey over 50  years ago in 1965. He started training as a young teen-ager under the instruction of Master Robert Beaudoin in an old college gym in Bridgeport, Ct. By the age of 17 he was teaching weekly classes at Sacred Heart Univ. and continued his training until being drafted into the military and thereupon serving his country in Vietnam. While there, his leadership and team work abilities were ever present. During his service Mr. Porco was involved in the U.S.' first entrance into occupied Cambodia. This accomplishment lead to his receiving the U.S. Army's distinguished Bronze Star Medal for meritorious achievement in ground operations against hostile forces. Although his physical martial arts training may have been on pause, his mental training with the emphasis on small details and the unique ability to lead people began to take shape.
His time away from Tang Soo Do eventually led him back to his old instructor and revived his regular training. Once involved he began the instruction of his son in the basement of their home. Mr. Porco was soon instructing large classes again and with his own determination and drive, decided to run a continuous martial arts school. He opened the Woodbury Academy of Karate in Connecticut and soon learned his true talents lye in the education of others in the art of Tang Soo Do. While there, he honed not only his teaching skills but his high level of physical ability as well. Mr. Porco earned his first-degree black belt and was on his way to one of the most respected martial arts careers in the region.
His love for teaching others the art of Tang Soo Do grew stronger during this time and planted an internal seed within him to expand the ever-growing martial arts community. So in 1986 he opened the Newtown Academy of Karate, which is still in its original location. Mr. Porco's love for karate permeated through everything he did and everyone he has come in contact with. Citing that love and passion, he was selected to represent his art and the World Tang Soo Do Association as a member of the 1987 China delegation. He was chosen in part to represent all that he and his students stood for.
Today, Mr. Porco continues to run the thriving Porco Karate Academy in Newtown. Through its development many classes and programs have been added to better service the needs of the over one hundred students currently enrolled. Many of the programs and activities that Mr. Porco has instituted for the development of Tang Soo Do continue to exist and grow today. These activities include woman's self- defense, karate summer camps, demonstrations and numerous Tang Soo do Clinics. Because of Mr. Porco's deep-rooted beliefs, extreme hard work and true genuine honesty, everyone who passes through his doors walk away a better person.
Mr. Porco received his master's rank at the World Tang Soo Do Championship in August, 2002 and was honored as August 2003 Master of the Month on the World Tang Soo Do Website. In his "Spare" time he continues to preside over three of his successful companies that he started from scratch and is very active in community affairs. His greatest enjoyments are spending quality time with his family and teaching the Newtown community the great art of Tang Soo Do.